Keynote 3: Sustainable School Leadership

Sustainable School Leadership in Times of Relentless Change
22 Sep 2017
13:30 - 14:10
Palmerston Room

Keynote 3: Sustainable School Leadership

Schools in the UK are undoubtedly under unprecedented pressure from the DfE in terms of assessment & curriculum changes and significant funding cuts. There is also the difficulty of recruiting teachers as well improving standards It is no wonder that the average tenure of school leadership has fallen from 7 years to under 5 years in the last decade. The issues of sustainable leadership is clearly a ‘hot topic’.

This keynote explores the inter-dependence of school improvement and school leadership. School performance is obviously time-dependent. Some schools rapidly improve, some coast and others decline. There are also those schools who take their time and improve in a sustainable and steadfast manner. However, school leaders’ behaviour and actions also change over time. Synchronising the conditions of sustainable school improvement and school leadership behaviour is therefore a crucial issue and one that is given scant attention by policy makers.

This topic was the key focus of my PhD and subsequent publications by NCSL.

Whilst this presentation will not provide all the answers, it will provoke discussion and reflection that will hopefully make school leadership more manageable and less unsustainable.