Rethinking the roles of educational leaders in times of change

Here you can find sponsorship opportunities for our upcoming event Inspiring School Leaders Conference 2017 being held on 22-24 September 2017 at St. John’s College, University of Cambridge.

Educational leadership has become a subject undergoing intense study as it plays a key role in improving school outcomes by influencing not only teachers’ motivation, but also the school environment as a whole. As countries seek for new educational systems to adapt to the changing needs of society, various educational leadership approaches have been developed in the search of an ideal school system.

With this motivation, we are organising the Inspiring School Leaders Conference (ISL), which is a remarkable initiative that brings school leaders around the world together for an innovative conference on school management and educational leadership. ISL is thrilled to invite teachers, professionals and administrators who are directly or indirectly involved in school leadership. The conference will provide a platform where participants can reflect on their own leadership and best practices of educational leadership with nationally and internationally renowned academics, experts and educators.

ISL is an intensive three-day annual conference with keynote speeches, lectures and concurrent workshop sessions on a wide range of issues relevant to the actual needs of school leaders who are currently working at various levels of education.

The mission of ISL is to strengthen and sustain the expertise of school leaders, and we believe our sponsors play an important role in that process. ISL conference attracts professionals from around the world, and those who are eager to learn about new opportunities to hone their skills. We kindly request you to consider partnering with ISL as a conference sponsor. We appreciate your support and we will be happy to work with you to fit your needs.

Details concerning this year’s sponsorship levels can be found in the Sponsorship Package as PDF. If your organisation would like to participate in this year’s event as a sponsor, please Contact Us with your sponsorship decision.

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